Child Care Benefits Available to Local 338 Members

Did you know that there are two Child Care Benefits available for eligible Local 338 members which provide reimbursements and discounts towards the cost of child care and day care?

Local 338 Child Care Benefit
Members of Local 338 who are covered under a Local 338 Benefit Plan are able to take advantage of the Child Care Benefit, which is provided directly through the Union’s Office. This plan is a reimbursement-based benefit. If you have dependent children under the age of 12 who are currently enrolled in day-care, after-school or pre-school programs, which are of cost to you then you may be eligible for this Child Care Benefit. For more information, and to apply, please log-in to MyLocal338.org 

Child Care Facilitated Enrollment Project
If you live or work in New York City and have children under the age of 13, you may be eligible for funding towards the cost of child care through the Child Care Facilitated Enrollment Project. Please log-in to MyLocal338.org for more information. 

Both programs are free to apply to and we enourage you to take advantage of both opportunities if you are eligible for them!

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