130 of our union brothers and sisters of Teamsters Local 812 are drivers and warehouse workers who sell, stock and deliver beer to local stores, restaurants, and bars for Clare Rose. Clare Rose is one of the largest beer distributors in the U.S., yet despite their high profits, Company executives have imposed a 30% pay cut and an end to their pensions. For over a month, they have been on strike, and threatened that the Company would replace them with low paid non-union workers.

Many of your union brothers and sisters have worked for Clare Rose for decades, and if they accepted these demands from their irresponsible employer, many of these men and women could not continue to support their families and would lose the ability to retire with security and dignity. 

To make our message clear, we are boycotting all beers distributed by Clare Rose including, but not limited to, Budweiser, Heineken, Stella Artois, and Blue Point until Clare Rose negotiates a fair contract for the dedication and hard work that their employees put in each and every day. We are asking you to join us, and your union family, in the fight against Clare Rose's corporate greed--See the links below to find out how.

For a full list of beverages that we are boycotting, please click here.

Sign the New York Teamsters' Petition: Tell Clare Rose to give workers a fair contract

There are also many local bars and restaurants that have joined our brothers and sisters in their fight for a fair contract. Click here for a list of these shops that are supporting Teamsters Local 812 members.

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