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June 27, 2017 marks a proud day for Local 338 members and their families who were honored at our annual Scholarship Luncheon. 21 young men and women, who are either Local 338 members or the children of Local 338 members, were recognized for their academic and extracurricular achievements. This year’s scholarship recipients come from a variety of backgrounds and are aiming to enter many different fields, including in business, biology, education, engineering, and nursing.

Congratulations to this year’s winners of the Book Awards Scholarship, who have received $500 towards the cost of their first semester’s required readings:

  • Susan Abramovich
  • Mohammed Al muhaymin
  • Crystal Bernard
  • Kristi Cahill
  • Brittany DiGrigoli
  • Delia Morales
  • Ashley Seepaul
  • Kristina Shaw
  • Lisa Spinose
  • Gabriella Stramera



Congratulations to all of the Local 338 scholarship winners who have received $1,500 towards their first year of college:

  • Alex Bisogno
  • Christina Bogue
  • Kelly Conigliaro
  • Robert Dickey
  • Paul Golombek
  • Kenneth Lund
  • Sean Montiel
  • Freddy Murgida
  • Ryan Obes
  • Jolie Sangiorgio


Emanuel Laub
Scholarship Award
A special congratulation to Maciej Zielonka for winning the Emanuel Laub Scholarship Award, which is named in memory of the Local 338’s late President. Maciej will receive a total of $6500 ($1500 each year for the next four years) towards his tuition at Yale University.


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We know this year’s winners are bound for great things, and wish each of you success in your future endeavors. Congratulations to this year’s winners! You make Local 338 and your families proud!

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