For over two years, the employees at the CVS on Flatbush Avenue have been fighting for a Union contract. All along, CVS has said no to virtually all of the workers' demands to receive comparable benefits that other CVS workers receive under their Union Contract!

Does CVS believe that the hardworking people in the Flatbush store are less deserving or inferior in some way to those on the West Coast?

Your neighbors working at this CVS have the same responsibilities and work just as hard as those in sunny California. At the very least, they deserve equal pay and benefits for equal work!

What Unionized California CVS Workers Have
What CVS is offering to the Workers in Brooklyn
  Quality affordable medical, dental and vision benefits for both Full & Part Time workers
  Guaranteed number of weekly minimum hours for Part Time workers
  Vacation Time for both Full & Part Time workers
  Personal days for both Full & Part Time workers
  Paid Holidays for both Full & Part Time workers

Additionally, CVS wants workers to start at minimum wage and is only offering 20¢ - 25¢ annual raises.

Highlights from CVS Rally on April 15th, 2018. Local 338 Member Debbie Henry-Haughton, labor leaders, and elected officials join us in solidarity.

Podcast with Joe Maniscalco’s Blue Collar Buzz on AM 970. Listen in as Local 338 member working at CVS shares his story, and how profitable the Company truly is.

After more than two years of fighting to gain the respect workers deserve from CVS, we're saying enough is enough! These hardworking men and women deserve a fair contract now, and we will be here until we achieve the benefits they have earned.
This information is directed only at consumers and is not intended to induce any individual employed by any other person in the course of his employment not to pick up, deliver, or transport any goods or not to perform any services. 
Local 338 does not have a dispute with any other employer.


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