1. Are you buying, selling or refinancing a house?
  2. Do you have a dispute with your landlord?
  3. Do you need help with an uncontested divorce, or adoption?
  4. Do you need advice regarding a home improvement contract you are going to sign?
  5. Have your personal finances become complicated and do you want to know if bankruptcy is an option for you?
  6. You still don't have a will?
  7. Are you being sued or need to sue someone in a civil matter? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, here's one more question. Do you know that your Union negotiated for many of its members a Legal Services Plan that may mean you have access to a quality attorney at no or little cost to you?


As the world becomes increasingly complex, the Law affects us all. It provides rights, but also imposes responsibilities. At some point, all of us will need the services of a lawyer. We encourage you to make good use of your Legal Plan whenever you have a covered Legal matter.

For specific details about the Legal Plan, please log in to "My Local 338."
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