1. Are you buying, selling or refinancing a house?
  2. Do you have a dispute with your landlord?
  3. Do you need help with an uncontested divorce, or adoption?
  4. Do you need advice regarding a home improvement contract you are going to sign?
  5. Have your personal finances become complicated and do you want to know if bankruptcy is an option for you?
  6. You still don't have a will?
  7. Are you being sued or need to sue someone in a civil matter? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, here's one more question. Do you know that your Union negotiated for many of its members a Legal Services Plan that may mean you have access to a quality attorney at no or little cost to you?
All full-time and part-time members, their spouses and dependent children are entitled to legal benefits provided by the Legal Services Plan of the Local 338 Benefits Fund if they are covered by a collective bargaining agreement under which their employer is obligated to make contributions into the Local 338 Benefits Fund. A full-timer becomes eligible for legal benefits after six months of participation in the Fund and a part-timer after 6 months. There are more than a dozen different legal areas in which services are available up to a maximum of 30 hours per calendar year. To be covered by the Plan, legal services must be provided by the law firms retained by the Fund to provide benefits

  1. Legal advice, research, consultation, and document preparation and review;
  2. Drafting and signing of Wills, Powers of Attorney and Trust Agreements;
  3. Probate of Wills and Administration of Estates;
  4. Uncontested divorces, separations, and annulments, and uncontested adoptions and Change of Name proceedings;
  5. Purchase, sale, refinance or family transfer of title of a participant's residence;
  6. Suits against you for rent and eviction proceedings;
  7. Personal voluntary bankruptcy;
  8. Representation or defense in civil litigation (excluding Small Claims, contingent fee cases or matters covered by insurance);
  9. Reviewing retail credit and consumer contracts; And more!

As the world becomes increasingly complex, the Law affects us all. It provides rights, but also imposes responsibilities. At some point, all of us will need the services of a lawyer. Your Union bargained for the legal services benefit and the Trustees instituted the Legal Plan in the belief that it will protect and advance the legal rights and interests of Local 338 members and their families, that it will provide you with easy access to quality attorneys, and that it will make receiving sound legal advice and representation more affordable. We encourage you to make good use of your Legal Plan whenever you have a covered Legal matter. If you live in New York City, Upstate New York or New Jersey call: Friedman & Anspach at (212) 354-4500 and If you live in Nassau or Suffolk County, call: Fusco, Brandenstein & Rada at (516) 496-0400.
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