"My Local 338" Makes Finding Information About
Your Benefits Easier Than Ever Before

If you are enrolled in the Local 338 Health & Welfare Fund, you will be able to view detailed information about your eligibilty for various benefits such as Medical, Prescription, Optical, and Dental Benefits.

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  • Now you can also see details about your medical claims history;
  • Download your Summary Plan Description (SPD); and
  • Learn about benefits that you may have, but are NOT using. You may be eligible for benefits such as the Child Care Reimbursement Benefit, Legal Benefit or Hospital Income Replacement Benefit.
  • See an estimate of your Local 338 Pension using the Pension Calculator

For any additional questions, you can contact Local 338 staff quickly and securely through the "My Messages" section with any additional questions about eligibility, dependent and beneficiary changes, and virtually any other Medical inquiry or problem.

Optical and Dental Benefits

Click this link to request an optical voucher or to ask a question about dental benefits. Once you have received your voucher, you can find an optical or dental provider near you by visiting our Links Page: My Local 338 Quick Links. For further assistance, call our Administrative Services Department at (516) 294-1338 ext. 1324. 

Prescription Benefits

Please contact Magellan Rx Management at (800) 424-0472 or visit their website at for:
  • Help finding a pharmacy,
  • Questions about receiving a 90-day supply of medications for chronic conditions through mail order (such as blood pressure and high cholesterol meds), and
  • Questions about receiving specialty medications.
Most local pharmacies are in our network, including most of the major pharmacy chains, such as Duane Reade, CVS, RiteAid, and Walgreens.

You can also  obtain a 90-day supply of medications for chronic conditions at mail order pricing in our “90-day supply at retail program” at select participating retail pharmacies including: all Duane Reades, ShopRites in Uniondale, Plainview, Commack, Hauppauge, and Patchogue, and all Stop and Shops.

The Fund’s network of doctors and hospitals is MagnaCare. To lower healthcare costs and save out-of-pocket expenses, be sure to use doctors, hospitals, labs and radiology centers, or other medical providers that are participating providers or facilities with MagnaCare. For more information about a Magncare providers near you, visit:

Local 338 Medical Call Center
For assistance with a current health benefits issue, call us at (516) 294-1338 ext. 1776. 

Going on Vacation? Have a Child Heading Off To College?
Know What To Do If You or Your Dependent Get Sick While You’re Away From Home!
» Click Here For More Details

What is the IRS Form 1095?
Frequently asked questions about the IRS Form 1095 which shows that you and your family members either did or did not have health coverage during each month of the past year.

Important Information for Local 338 Members Working at Duane Reade
Medical Benefits: Call Crossroads for medical benefits questions (medical, optical, dental) except for prescription, at (866) 646-1778.
Prescription Benefits: Call the Duane Reade Benefits Helpline for prescription benefit questions at (212) 356 6820
Pension Benefits: Call Savasta and Company for pension benefit questions at (212) 308-4200

Important Information for Local 338 Members!
In order to protect your medical and prescription benefits while out on Disability or Worker's compensation it is important that you provide certain information to the Local 338 Funds Office. Any failure to mail or fax such documents to the Local 338 offices in Mineola, will result in the loss of eligibility to use your medical and prescription benefits. Please Click Here For More Information About What is Needed to Protect Your Benefits

Is It Really An Emergency?
Ever wonder why the hospital’s ER waiting area always seems filled with people waiting for hours to get care? One of the main reasons is that millions of Americans use the ER for routine medical care -- instead of real emergencies. Last year, there were almost 10 million ER visits for non-emergency care. When someone visits the ER for non-emergency care, we all pay more. Unnecessary ER visits raise insurance premiums, co-pays and deductibles. In an emergency, don’t hesitate to go to the ER, but if your condition isn't urgent, check with your doctor first. You can call your doctor anytime.

Do You Need Help to Kick the Habit?
Did you know that there are several free or reduced-cost Smoking Cessation aids, resources and programs available to you, your family, and your friends and coworkers? Resources are readily available to Local 338 members and their families, along with important information on why you should quit and what the benefits are to quitting now. Click here to see a list of resources.

Please also visit this website for more information about the risks associated with smoking and how to quit:

Know the Facts About High Blood Pressure
A great resource to help you understand more about high blood pressure including the causes, symptoms, and treatment:

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