message from the president

September 2018

Happy Labor Day to All of Our Local 338 Family Members



Labor Day, an indication that another year has gone by in the blink of an eye. Growing up we would hear from our parents, “As you get older, the years go by faster.” Boy, they were definitely right about that.

This year has been filled with important decisions that have impacted all working people; decisions which have affected our families, our communities and our country—the Janus Decision having had the biggest effect. This Decision hurts us all, but it will not stop us! Everywhere I look, I see there are many of us who are stronger and better prepared than before, and we must continue to educate one another to grow our unions and show that strength in numbers. Throughout New York, we have done exactly that—adding 75,000 more union members last year and gathering together through our affiliations with the Long Island Federation of Labor, the New York City Central Labor Council and the Westchester-Putnam Central Labor Body, to represent Local 338 members and fight as a team alongside retail, construction, public and private sector unions.

Unions are the reason why we are able to fight for the dignity and respect that we all deserve as hardworking men and women. Together, as a united labor force, we can bargain with employers for a decent livable wage, healthcare benefits and the ability to retire with dignity as well as enforce safety standards. We, as hard workers, are the heartbeat of the organizations we work for. Without all of us, businesses would not be the success that they are. We deserve to be rewarded for our fair days’ work. Do you want to receive the respect that you deserve in your workplace? Do you want to make sure your protections and rights continue expanding for future generations? If so, right here, as a part of our union family, is the right place for you.

Corporate interest groups and right-wing conservatives try to dismantle our unions, but even when they try to break our strength, together we show them that we are an unbreakable force. A force that stands shoulder to shoulder in support of each other through each trial. Together, we say “#CountMeIn” as union members and union advocates. This slogan has become widely used by The Building and Construction Trades Council due to recent attacks on the union movement including the use of nonunion laborers in NYC. Our brothers and sisters of IBEW Local 3 have also entered year two of their strike against Spectrum-Charter Communications. We will not sit back as corporations indulge in greed and union busting. We’re rising up together to make our voices heard and understood: “New York is a Union Town!”

Happy Labor Day, Brothers and Sisters! I wish you all a safe and healthy holiday. Remember that UNION starts with U, and the only way for us to stop these anti-union/anti-worker attacks is with U. Today, rejoice in all that we have accomplished, and tomorrow be prepared to fight to keep what we have—bringing the joy of union membership to our communities, families and generations to come.

As Always, and In Solidarity,

John R. Durso

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