message from the president

November 2018


Election Day Results

Now that the polls are closed and Election Day’s results are in, this year’s elections have been quite exhilarating to say the least. Over the last several weeks, we have worked tirelessly to make our voices heard. We knocked on doors and made calls to remind our brothers and sisters in labor to get out and vote. We supported and stood by the candidates that we believe in, who best represent us as working families in the labor movement.

Although not all of our endorsed candidates were elected, I am pleased to say the efforts of all of us in labor collectively made an impact. I have said it before and I will remind you all again – as the working people of New York, we are a force to be reckoned with! On Election Day, we proved that. We exercised our civic duty by voting and we used that as the fuel necessary to power change in this political climate. We elected the individuals who not only support the labor movement and stand behind policies which help us rather than hurt us, but some of whom are themselves union members!

I want to take a moment to congratulate the candidates we endorsed, regardless of whether they won or not, as many were in highly competitive races. These women and men proved they wanted to be the change we need and we look forward to the work they will do to continue to protect the working families of New York State. Let us also not lose sight of the importance of Election Day, a day in which we can honor all who have made it possible for us to have this right to vote. It is truly an honor to be a part of such a change and even more so an honor to embrace the change we can make when we get out and vote.

However, now that Election Day is behind us, we must stay engaged as there is always work to be done. We must work with all of our newly elected and re-elected legislators to promote the passage of laws that support working women and men, as well as hold them accountable to their campaign promises. I encourage you to take a short breather to enjoy the holidays and then speak to your Union and/or Service/Funds Representative about how to get involved in 2019.

As Always, and In Solidarity,

John R. Durso

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