message from the president

May 1, 2017

The election for Local 338’s Officers has just concluded, and I am honored to have received the support of our members for another three-year term. My purpose now, as it has been since I was first elected, is to continue building our strength as an organization. My plan over the next three years will focus on protecting your rights on the job, getting the best contracts possible for our members, and organizing non-union shops to help those who do not have the protections and benefits that we do as union members.

Being a part of this union and serving as your President has meant a great deal to me, especially since I started as a part-time Local 338 member in Waldbaums in 1970. I’ve always felt a passion for the labor movement, as well as the importance of supporting each other to better our future together as working men and women. In order for our union to remain strong, we need active members like you who will lend their voices and their thoughts in support of improving our working conditions to ensure that we are all able to provide for our families.

Over the years, I have met countless members of our great union. Many of you regularly attend membership meetings to stay up to date and have even stood on picket lines while our union brothers and sisters were fighting for a fair contract. You have reached out to us with your concerns and desires to help us better understand what impacts you and your family and any way in which we can help you get the most out of being a Local 338 member. Many members have also attended the Labor Day Parade, Pride Parade, and other community events as we stood together to make our voices heard. Others have also attended various Member Lobby Days where we have spoken with elected officials about what matters to us as working people.

There are many simple, but meaningful ways that you can be involved, and our strength shines when you do. I am so proud and grateful to our members who have and continue to dedicate their time to Local 338 events and causes. We must continue using our collective voice to ensure that we, as the backbone of our country and the key to the success of the businesses that we work for, are not left behind.

As Always, and In Solidarity,

John R. Durso

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