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April 1, 2018



A Time of Reflection


Around this time of year, various Spring holidays and days of observance are celebrated. Whether it’s Easter, Passover, or Ramadan, this is one of the most spiritual times to reflect on what has transpired in our lives and our communities. For those who partake in any of the aforementioned holidays, or practice another religion, or do not practice a particular religion at all, we are all humans that naturally believe in doing the right thing and can relate to this time of looking back.
During this time, we can think about what has occurred recently and clearly see that peace and fairness is still not yet a reality. The tragedy at the Parkland’s Stoneman Douglas High School shooting resulted in the loss of 17 teenagers and educators’ lives. The DACA deadline has just passed without a bill or plans for what’s to come, leaving young adults who immigrated to this country at no fault of their own living in fear of deportation.
More locally, we have members at CVS whom have won the right to organize, yet still do not have a fair contract. All we’re really asking for is the same rights and benefits as their counterparts in California and other parts of the country, but the Company doesn’t believe in giving them to the workers here in Brooklyn, New York.
While we celebrate these holidays, we should look at our responsibilities as citizens and as union members to enhance the lives of not only our own families but of our fellow citizens and union members as well. We can help them achieve their dreams and goals so we are all treated equally as we should be. And whether we agree or disagree with political discussions that have sparked recently, it’s also important to note how proud we should be of our younger generation. It is overwhelmingly admirable that they have had such passion to take action for what they believe in. Coming together and standing for what’s right is always the pathway to a better future!
I wish you and your family a very joyous time of celebration, remembrance, and reflection.

As Always, and In Solidarity,

John R. Durso

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