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August 10, 2017

Vote NO on a Constitutional Convention

The threat of a Constitutional Convention is becoming more widespread each day. As we get closer to Election Day, special interest groups are influencing state politicians to put their agenda ahead of what is best for everyday New Yorkers, and the only way we can stop the billionaire class from ripping away at our rights is to vote NO on November 7th.
It may be true that the Constitution needs some changes, and it may also be true that a Constitutional Convention could be used to make those changes; however, our elected officials already have this ability without costing New York’s taxpayers an estimated 300 million dollars—which could be used to fund our public schools and children’s future. The State Legislature has successfully amended the Constitution more than 200 times through bipartisanship and working together to find a solution. This results in a public referendum process which gives New Yorkers the final vote to approve or disapprove of the changes in the following November.
A Convention would allow delegates to make changes without giving New Yorkers a say in the process, and to make matters worse, delegates will receive an additional $80,000 bonus to do exactly what our elected officials already have the power to do. The purpose of the Constitutional Convention is NOT to make positive changes for New Yorkers, but rather allow the billionaire class to influence legislation and rewrite the constitution to serve their best interests, not yours! We urge you to vote NO on November 7th to a Constitutional Convention. 

As Always, and In Solidarity,

John R. Durso

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