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April 1, 2017

President Trump has released his plan for the 2018 budget, and unfortunately, it includes $54 billion in cuts to federal agencies that are established to help families like yours. This budget proposal will cut funding to important agencies and programs like education, labor, health, transportation and housing amongst dozens of others. If this budget is passed, the impacts would affect everyone, including you.

Access to childcare is one of the many issues that families face. These costs are one of the most expensive necessities for children, and thousands of working parents depend on before-school and after-school programs so they can work to provide for their family. Yet, the proposed budget cuts will reduce or eliminate these programs entirely. These cuts also mean that programs such as the NYC Facilitated Childcare Enrollment Project, which offers eligible parents with subsidies to help lessen the burden of this expense and has helped many of your fellow Local 338 members, could potentially have less resources to help the most people possible.

A budget is more than numbers; it’s about the roles that these programs play in our lives as Americans. The Department of Education gives families peace of mind and keeps our children motivated, and it promises the returns that come from preparing them up for a successful future. By defunding education, the budget is taking away from our children’s pathway to success—and defunding the Department of Labor is taking away even more.

President Trump recommends in his budget cutting more than $2.5 billion to the Department of Labor. Instead of restoring and creating good paying jobs, this agenda will defund employment training and skill development programs that give workers the opportunity to compete in high-paying jobs in emerging fields.

These proposed cuts also impact working men and women currently in the workforce. With less resources, the DOL cannot hire or maintain the staff necessary to work by your side and enforce and expand the protections that you have in the workplace. Today, too many men and women still face injustice on the job, receive poor wages and benefits, lack sick days, and do not have retirement security. We need a strong Department of Labor to uphold laws that protect workers like you and your coworkers.

Each of these agencies and programs exist to play a role in your well-being and the well being of those that matter most to you. We must never forget that we are the backbone of America! Your daily contributions to our workforce and economy are what keep America thriving and you deserve continued access to these programs. However, our elected representatives have to hear from us to truly understand the importance of programs that protect out children, our seniors, and our coworkers. I urge you to call your member of Congress and ask them to vote against cuts that hurt working families like yours. Who should you call? Click here to find out.  

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