message from the president

August 2018

Back-to-School Season Is Near


I hope you’ve been enjoying your summer! As back to school season nears, I want to remind you that being a union member is not just about your job, it’s also about bringing value to you and your family outside of your workplace. Unions have always been at the forefront of ensuring middle and working class families are given the opportunity to continue progressing towards a better future. Union families are about providing opportunities that will bring you closer to achieving success and happiness, and there are many ways that we, as your union, can help you achieve those things.

Are you interested in earning your GED? Take free online GED classes. Do you want to learn a new language? Take up Italian, German, Mandarin, French, Spanish and/or English. Are you looking into enrolling in college? Earn an Associate’s Degree for free online through the UFCW and Eastern Gateway Community College. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! Check out our social media and past editions of 338 News to hear from your fellow members who have already taken advantage of these programs.

There are even more opportunities for you and your dependents! If you’re enrolled in a college that is costing you tuition, you can apply for thousands of dollars’ worth of scholarships to help ease the burden. They include scholarship programs through Local 338, the RWDSU, the UFCW, Union Plus, Nassau Community College and more. If you’re a working parent trying to make ends meet and going to school at the same time, you may even be able to take advantage of childcare benefits as well.

As your union, we strive to improve yours and your family’s quality of life. Being a union member makes this possible. It makes it possible for you, your family and others in the labor movement to access these incredible programs because of our strength in numbers. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of these programs that are available to you—many Local 338 members already have and they’ve shared incredible success stories. Log-in to your account today to find full details about these programs and more!

As Always, and In Solidarity,

John R. Durso

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