message from the president

January 2018

Local 338's Wish List

Each new year, many of us look forward to a fresh start, and we set resolutions to help us better our future. Celebrating the new year also comes with supporting our friends and family in succeeding with the goals they set. Here at Local 338, our entire union is a family, and we are starting 2018 on a hopeful note for all of our 338 brothers and sisters. This year will bring about many items on our list of things to accomplish and overcome, and your support is key to the strength of our union.

This is a year of everyone stepping up, to ensure the important things do not pass us by. Many of your brothers and sisters’ union contracts will be expiring this year and we will begin negotiations for new contracts. If your union contract is expiring, you can and should be involved in filling out Contract Surveys and continuing discussions with your Union Representative. If you’re a member whose contract is not expiring, this is the time to support your union family and be prepared to stand with one another in the fight for a contract that will better their lives.

Additionally, mid-term Congressional and State Elections will be taking place. Over the past year, we’ve seen Congress fail to pass legislation that helps us or is agreed upon by the majority of working people, but we have the power to change that in 2018.

Whether its involvement in local or national elections or supporting your brothers and sisters in their contract fights, there are many ways for you to be engaged in your union and the success of your community. We hope all of you will find some way in the new year to add value to your communities and strengthen your union.

I wish all of you and your families a healthy, happy, and joyous New Year.

As Always, and In Solidarity,

John R. Durso

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