Advocating for Cannabis Legalization

Date: Wednesday February 19, 2020

On February 12th Local 338 members who work in New York’s medical cannabis industry spent the day at the State Capitol in Albany advocating for the legalization of adult use cannabis. Our members began the day by meeting with New York State AFL-CIO President Mario Cilento who emphasized the significance of working people meeting with their legislators to share their firsthand experiences. He also discussed the work of Local 338 and the importance of our union within the cannabis industry. 
Over the course of the day, Local 338 members met with their elected officials and discussed the work they do in the cannabis industry, as well as how belonging to a union has made a difference in their workplace and their lives. They advocated for the legalization of adult use cannabis, the economic opportunities it creates for communities across the state,  and the need for strong worker protections to ensure the creation of high-quality careers. They also explained the importance of expanding New York’s medical cannabis program to further increase accessibility for the patients they work with every day.
In addition to a full day of meetings with State Legislators, Local 338 members attended a press conference at the Capitol alongside patients, veterans and community partners in support of adult-use cannabis legalization. Kassan Seisay (Shop Steward at Vireo Health New York in White Plains) represented Local 338 and spoke about the standard that’s been created in the cannabis industry through our strong union contracts. Kassan also highlighted how legalizing adult-use cannabis creates an incredible opportunity to amplify both social and economic justice and that investing in workers in the cannabis industry is going to be one crucial way to achieving this goal.
It was an incredibly productive day filled with exciting moments and we thank all of our members who spent the day in Albany advocating for their coworkers and the next generation of the cannabis industry’s workforce!


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