Census 2020

Date: Wednesday March 11, 2020

This year is a Census year, which means you’ll be contacted soon to answer a survey with a series of short questions about the make-up of your household. The Census helps to obtain accurate information about the population and ensure that resources are fairly distributed to local communities.

Why should I complete the Census?

The more people who fill out a Census in a neighborhood, the more federal and state dollars that your neighborhood will receive. This money is used to fund schools, libraries, hospitals, fire departments, roads and public transportation, and other essential public programs. The Census also helps make sure that your community is fairly represented in Congress and even at your State Capitol.

Who can fill out the Census?

The Census should be filled out by anyone and everyone living within the United States and be sure to include everyone living in your household including children.

What if I’m not a Citizen?

Everyone is encouraged to complete the Census, even if you are not a citizen.
The Census does not ask about your immigration status!

Who can see my Census responses?

Your personal information is kept completely confidential. No one besides the Census Bureau has access to your responses, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

How will I be contacted?

Beginning in early March, you’ll be notified by mail that the Census is opened. You’ll be able to complete it by phone, mail or online. If you have not completed the Census by late April, you will be contacted in person by a Census worker.

Filling out the Census will ONLY benefit you and your community. Be sure you,
your family and neighbors are counted!

For more information about the Census and to complete it online visit:

Census 101:
 What you need to know

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