Going To College? We Can Help!

Date: Wednesday January 04, 2017

The Local 338 Charities, Inc. Scholarship Awards Program is open to Local 338 Members and their dependents who have been a member of the union for at least one (1) year. The Scholarship Awards Committee reviews all applications and awards 10 students a one-time award of $1,500 for their first year of college. One student, the Emanuel Laub Scholarship recipient, will be awarded $1,500 per year for all four years in annual installments (totaling $6,000). Local 338 also awards 10 individuals with Book Award Scholarships of $500 each. The Local 338 Charities, Inc. Scholarship Awards Program has recently been expanded. Dependents of Local 338 members are now eligible if they graduated high school not just in 2017, but as long ago as two years prior to the scholarship award. For Local 338 members interested in applying, there is now no restriction to how long ago you may have graduated high school. Additionally, scholarships are available not just to those attending college but any accredited educational or vocational program of study.

(Please note that applicants who are currently enrolled in college are not eligible).

A long form application will be mailed promptly. All completed applications and supporting materials are due April 14, 2017.

Local 338 members and their dependents are also eligible for the UFCW and RWDSU Scholarship Programs. For more information about these scholarship opportunities Click Here!

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