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Date: Tuesday February 07, 2017

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Beginning on June 5th, all information about your benefits and membership including dental or optical vouchers, retirement, prescription plans, and other benefits such as the Child Care Reimbursement Benefit, Scholarships, and Exclusive Discounts will no longer be available on the Local 338 website. You will only be able to access this information on your “My Local 338” Member Portal.

“My Local 338” also gives you access to new features that you didn’t have before! Now, you can easily see your medical claims, contact Local 338 staff directly through the Portal, know who your Union Representative is, and find a downloadable version of your Union Contract as well as other forms and documents you may need.

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LOCAL 338 RWDSU/UFCW  •  1505 Kellum Place  •  Mineola, New York 11501
Main Office (516) 294-1338  •  Union Call Center (516) 294-1338 ext. 1775  •  Medical Call Center (516) 294-1338 ext. 1776
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