Who Represents You?
Many local governments provide easily accessible information for residents about elected officials and public services on their website. This information is useful in cases of emergencies and to address concerns and questions more conveniently.  

To see the elected officials and public service districts in your area, simply click the County you live in, and enter your home address when prompted:
New York City
Nassau County
Suffolk County
Westchester County  

Live in another area of New York State? Click the links below to find your elected officials:
United States Congress
New York State Senate
New York State Assembly

Register to Vote and Sign Up for PAC. It's Easy!
Voting is the easiest way to make your voice heard. We often hear that our members are hesitant to register for reasons such as becoming more likely to picked for jury duty, but that is actually a myth (see below for facts and myths about voting). The outcome of any election has a direct impact on every member of this union, and your vote matters! Sign up is fast and easy! Click here to fill out the short one page form then simply mail it or bring it to work with you and give it to your Shop Steward or Union Representative so Local 338 can mail it for you. 
Voting is not the only way to be involved! The Local 338 PAC (Political Action Committee) is what lets your union effectively fight for the things that matter to us all as working men and women. The PAC lets us support candidates, hold voter registration drives, Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts, and other activities like mailings, flyers, posters, and palm cards. These efforts put Local 338 in a more powerful position when fighting for workers' rights such as a $15 Minimum Wage and Paid Family Leave. To find out more about PAC and how to sign up, click here!

It's important to make your voice heard in order to protect your rights, and it's easy to do!

How much would you spend to protect your job and your family?

The Facts and Myths of Voting
There are many myths associated with registering to vote and voting.
Click here to see the facts about it and why you should register to vote!

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