Member Assistance Program (MAP)

The Local 338 Member Assistance Program (MAP) was designed to help our members achieve a better quality of life. We all face personal issues and sometimes they can be overwhelming. Whether it is mental health or substance abuse referrals or emergency housing assistance, the MAP program helps you navigate through the process of receiving help. The MAP program is the link between community resources and referrals in many different areas. We understand that sometimes it may be uncomfortable reaching out to someone but MAP is strictly confidential and is here to work with you.

Our Services

Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Sometimes you cannot battle addiction on your own and need the extra support. With different programs offering support in individual or group settings, you can fight your addiction with support from qualified health professionals. Call the MAP program for a consultation to determine eligibility requirements.

Mental Health Referrals

Looking for a psychiatrist? Therapist? Individuals often struggle with mental illness and do not know where to look for help or how to start treating their illness. With a proper mental health evaluation and referral you will be able to receive the help you need.

Domestic Violence Referrals

If you or anyone you know is involved in a dangerous relationship and needs a safe place to go or help in dealing with the situation, we can provide you with information to get assistance.

Temporary Displacement Housing

In emergency instances such as flooding and fire, members can be referred to Red Cross, shelters, or Department of Social Services and placed in temporary living arrangements.

Community Resource Referrals

If you have general questions about what types of services are available in the community and are looking to connect with them, we are here to assist you.

MAP’s mission, like that of Local 338, is to better the lives of our members and all working people. Come to us and we will help you MAP out a plan to your success and wellness. You can contact the MAP director at 516-294-1338 x 1304.

To download the Local 338 Member Assistance Program Brochure Click Here: English | Spanish