Pharmacies & Drugstores

Working in drug stores like Duane Reade, long-serving neighborhood pharmacies, and in pharmacies located inside of supermarkets, Local 338 members work as pharmacy techs and pharmacists, as well as cashiers and a number of roles which keeps these stores operational. In their work, Local 338 members ensure that the public has access to their medicine and other important goods that keep their families healthy. 

Over the last several years, Local 338 has led union organizing campaigns at major drug store companies like CVS. We also work closely with our sisters and brothers from Workers United Local 340A in regard to negotiating our contracts with Duane Reade and ensuring that standards and benefits were maintained after the company was acquired by Walgreen’s.
three members standing side by side in an office setting
anzila Zafar, Lewis Jimenez & Richard Ruiz Jr | Duane Reade
Member posing in the store
Marie Pierre-Louis | Duane Reade
Albert Medina | Duane Reade
Older Person standing in front of beverages
Francisco Vargas | Duane Reade
Member standing and pointing to your Local 338 pin
Laura Miller | Duane Reade
Local 338 Member stating at the register
Charmain Duffus | Duane Reade
Member striking a pose with colored hair
Leonie Kentish | Duane Reade
Member cheerfully laughing at the camera
Gardy Joseph | Duane Reade
Asian Woman Standing in the store
Carol Daley & Yolanda Reyes | Duane Reade
Member standing in front of the valentine's day display
Mahamuda Khanom | Duane Reade
Pharmacy Clerk Member standing in the pharmacy
Jason Gatson | Duane Reade
Member holding valentine's day merchandise
Shakeena Atkinson | Duane Reade
Member Standing in front of magazines
Elizabeth Burgos | Duane Reade