The Union Advantage

For many who work at non-union workplaces, those jobs often come with few (if any) benefits, along with unsustainable pay wages. Employees are also forced to work in below standard working conditions. That is why it is so important to bring union membership to the hardworking men and women who are subjected to unfair treatment.

Unions function as a collective voice for their member to resolve disputes, improve working conditions, and more. As a part of a union family, members are given a voice on the job, which allows them to speak up without fear of retaliation from the employer. Unions also provide workers with basic on the job protections through union contracts, which help ensure that they have better wages, benefits, and schedules. 

The experience of working in a non-union versus union worksite are often night and day. Below are some real-life statistics about “the union difference.”

The Union Difference

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Guaranteed Wage Increases

Did you know that on average, union members earn 22% more than non-union workers? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, that’s an extra $191 per week! Local 338 members are guaranteed wage increases based on the number of hours they work.
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Holiday and Vacation Pay

You have guaranteed paid time off, including vacation days, that are guaranteed in your union contract, along with specific rates of pay if you do work on holidays.
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A Voice on the Job

You are included in the union negotiating process. Our services are here to benefit you, so feel free to speak up! It is so important that you communicate with your union or your shop steward—it makes it easier for us to negotiate a better contract with your employer and improve your working conditions on every level!
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Quality Health Insurance

Union members are more likely to have quality health insurance. Local 338 members have access to Grand Rounds and Guardian Nurses, two free services that are available to help answer any questions or put a patient in touch with a doctor. Guardian Nurses attend appointments with members and can help them understand their diagnosis or ask questions the member may not think of asking.
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Protecting Your Rights at Work

As a union member, you cannot be disciplined or fired just because your boss does not like you. You belong to a union family, one that will stand behind you and fight on your behalf if you are being mistreated on the job. Workers who do not belong to a union are forced to work “at will,” meaning their employer can fire them at any time for any reason. 

Union members also have seniority rights and protections that correspond with the number of years they have been working in their field. This means you cannot be replaced with a younger, less experienced and lower-paid worker when the company is looking to cut costs. The language in your contract prevents employers from doing this and protects you in the process.
If you are ready to experience the union difference at your job, we can help you start the process! Our Organizing Team can be reached at 516-294-1338 ext. 1400.