Local 338 Scholarship Winners Class Of 2020

Our Local 338 members and their dependents have worked incredibly hard throughout high school and college and it is our pleasure to recognize their dedication and success. Local 338 is very proud of this year’s scholarship recipients who come from a variety of backgrounds and are pursuing higher education to enter fields including healthcare, law, accounting and criminal justice.

Emanuel Laub Scholarship Award

A special congratulation to Mia Diaz for winning the Emanuel Laub Scholarship Award, which is named in memory of the Local 338’s late President. Mia’s mother, Sonya Pimental, is a Local 338 member who works at Key Food. Mia will receive a total of $8,000 ($2,000 each year for the next four years) towards her tuition at Bowdoin College to purse a double major in Mathematics or Chemistry and Education.

Local 338 Scholarship for Undergraduates

Congratulations to all of the Local 338 scholarship winners who have received $2,000 to ease the costs of college tuition:

Erica Albert
Daniel Conigliaro

Megan Fox
Connor Geraghty

Natalie Hughes
Maggie Marzigliano

Nicole McGlone
Sydney O’ Connor

Moises Rodriguez
Dominic Zizzo

Continuing Education Scholarship Award

Local 338’s Continuing Education Scholarship Award recipients are Joseph Geraghty and Katelyn Hughes. Joseph, who was a Local 338 member and whose mother Kelly works at a Local 338 represented Stop & Shop, is sixth-year MD/PhD student at the University of Illinois College of Medicine (UICOM). Katelyn, whose father Michael is a Local 338 member working at ShopRite, is attending Muhlenberg College, pursuing a biochemistry degree. 

Local 338 Book Award

Congratulations to this year’s winners of the Book Awards Scholarship, who have received $500 to help with the cost of textbooks and course fees:

Sarah Branch
Michael Delfino
Alexandra Dicosola
Dana Digiglio
Brittant DiGrigoli
John Fernandez

Nicholas Frigerio
Brianna Hazoury
Yasmin Kadir
Md Masbubel Karim
Thuan Luu
Diep Luu

Jenna Monaco
Katie Moore
Alexis Murry
Dominic Sapochetti
Zachary Silverman
Kelsy Smith

Bhavin Tanna
Lizzie Taveras
Jesse Velez
Megan Wilson
James Zub

We know this year’s winners are bound for great things, and we wish each of you success in all of your endeavors. Congratulations again to this year’s winners! You make Local 338 and your families proud!

To learn more about each of the winners, click below to view our special commemorative video about the 2020 Local 338 Scholarship Program.