Your Friendly Neighbor, Bobby Collette

Local 338 Executive Board Member, Robert “Bobby” Collette, grew up in a strong union household in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, with his father being a devoted member of the Teamsters. Bobby was raised with union values of solidarity and standing with your fellow workers. Thirty years ago, when Bobby began working at Waldbaum’s and became a member of Local 338, his father inspired him to get more involved with the union and learn as much as he could.

At the suggestion of his father, Bobby began attending as many member meetings as possible, walking with Local 338 at the Labor Day parade and volunteering at rallies and events. John Durso, Bobby’s union representative at the time, often spoke to him about the labor movement, sparking an interest in pursuing a more active role. Bobby felt motivated to stand with his fellow members and get more involved after experiencing John’s passion for Local 338.

Years later, Bobby was asked to join Local 338’s Advisory Board where he began to volunteer for political campaigns and educate his fellow members on union activities and benefits available to them. Bobby felt compelled to participate more locally, to improve the lives of his neighbors and strengthen his community. He later joined his local Community Board in order to build relationships with local leaders and elected officials. Bobby says, “it pays to be invested in your community.” When joining the Local 338 Executive Board, Bobby set a goal to be a valuable resource for his fellow members, reporting and distributing essential information to as many members as possible.

In Bobby’s free time, he loves to travel, hoping to take a few vacations each year. Bobby has travelled all over the world, visiting places like Rome, Italy where he was once blessed by the Pope, and sunbathing in the Caribbean. Bobby said he wants to experience more of what life has to offer and plans to travel through Europe, especially Amsterdam, after the pandemic is over. In addition to traveling, Bobby enjoys playing and watching football, watching comedy movies and shows, and seeing Broadway plays. Bobby says he loves to laugh and lives by the philosophy that one should laugh as often as possible in order to have a happier, more worthwhile life. One thing’s for certain, the Local 338 is a far happier and more worthwhile place with Bobby on our side.

Bobby hopes to continue serving his fellow worker and strengthening the labor movement. He has proven to be an incredibly valuable resource to Local 338 members. Bobby’s service on the Local 338 Executive Board has truly been an asset over the years.