Poetry through the Pandemic: Geanene Anderson

In times of uncertainty and anxiety, people seek to explore their artistic character in order to organize chaotic thoughts or release unearthed emotion. Local 338 retiree, Ms. Geanene Anderson often expresses herself through visual art or written poetry. She finds artistic expression to be a necessary step in exploring and navigating through life. Ms. Anderson has lived an exciting and full life, brimming with beauty and compassion which she has transformed into art wherever possible.

Ms. Anderson began her career with Local 338 in 2002 while working for Stop & Shop in Merrick. She later began to work as a substitute teacher and home health aide. She fondly remembers her time as a cashier, greeting customers and interacting with her community whenever possible. Ms. Anderson connects and relates deeply with her home health aides, living in her Kentucky retirement community.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Ms. Anderson sought to express her appreciation to the frontline heroes working in the facility through a poem she entitled “Clinton Place – COVID-19”.

“You have given me my life amid the Corona Virus strife You have sheltered me While the virus roamed free You had fed and clothed me And taken care of my needs Whatever they may be Your nurses and aides have met At many group meetings they spent Discussing which actions to take So that the residents may never ache Some of the residents don’t do as told They don’t realize they are sheltered from the cold Some of the most intelligent people in the world Are discussing strategies against the virus in which we were hurled I believed the best telecommunications we have Are helping most people’s lives to save So many people around the globe are affected The residents here are lucky they are not afflicted”

“Clinton Place – COVID-19” is dedicated to Trella Wilson, the Administrator to the Clinton Place facility. Ms. Anderson continues to express her praise and appreciation to essential workers across America through her beautiful art. Local 338 is proud and honored to have represented Ms. Anderson throughout her career, and we will always be there to support her whenever possible. Thank you, Ms. Anderson and stay safe.