Life as a Retired Local 338 Member: Norma Freedman

Norma Freedman is a retired Local 338 member—she first joined the union in 1977, when she applied for a job at Waldbaums in Bayside. When she was first hired, she worked in the deli for about six years before moving on to become a cashier and work the front end, a position she held until her retirement in 2008. Norma is incredibly proud to be a union member—she was on Local 338’s Executive Board and made sure she didn’t miss a single member meeting while she worked at Waldbaum’s. 

Having a unionized workplace meant she knew she’d get the raises and paid time off she deserved and would have the support she needed if anything happened at work. “We needed the union to represent us so that we could get our raises, we knew that they would take care that us so we didn’t lose time if your boss forgot to put time in our time sheets,” she said. “Without the union, you wouldn’t get anyplace. You knew you were being looked after.” During her time on Local 338’s Executive Board, Norma took pride in being able to serve as a voice for her fellow members. She would make suggestions during the Executive Board meetings and tried her best to make sure the union was serving the membership to the best of their ability. While she may have retired from her job, Norma never retired from her union! She still attends member meetings and union events like the Labor Day Parade, riding on the Local 338 float in solidarity with her fellow union members. Norma especially enjoys donating to our toy and school supply drives every year—she holds the record for the biggest donation, with enough for 40 kids! We’re happy you’re a part of our union family, Norma! Thank you for your years of service!