Getting To Know Your Executive Board Members, Lisa Lund

Getting To Know Your Executive Board Members, Lisa Lund Lisa Lund got her start as a Local 338 member in 1979, when she worked at Waldbaums in Hewlett. She’s been involved in her union for a long time - before joining Local 338’s Executive Board in 2016, Lisa was a Shop Steward for about 15 years. She now works as a receiver at Stop & Shop in Merrick and says being on the Executive Board allows her to keep her coworkers up to date on everything going on within the union. “I find out a lot of good information at the meetings,” she said, “I try to help my Shop Steward out by passing that information along to everybody in the store.” Lisa says that having a union to support her and her coworkers on the job is important. 

She knows that she can call her union representative if she needed to and has someone there to walk her through any problems she may have at work. Other employees at her Stop & Shop often come to her with questions about their contract or benefits and she will make sure to pass the message along to her representatives. “The union really has a lot of benefits, they protect jobs. I feel very safe and comfortable in my job. They really go to bat for everyone,” she said. We’re glad you’re proud to be a Local 338 member, Lisa! Your participation in the union helps us to do our jobs better--thank you! If you want to become more involved in the union, you can reach out to Executive Vice President Neil Gonzalvo about becoming a Shop Steward in your store at: 646-261-4858.