Tyler Curtis, Helping to Heal Through Medical Cannabis

Tyler Curtis, Helping to Heal Through Medical Cannabis Local 338 member Tyler Curtis is on a mission to educate his community on the medicinal benefits of cannabis while debunking stigmatizing myths. For some, the idea of using cannabis products is intimidating. For decades, our society has criminalized cannabis and we have been taught steer clear at all costs, while ignoring the substantial and well-documented benefits the medicine may offer. Before beginning his career at the Sunnyside* (Cresco Labs) medical cannabis dispensary in Williamsburg, Tyler wrote for Merry Jane, VICE and High Times Magazine. Growing up as a Deadhead, Tyler has always had a passion for live, jam band-style music. When he was 17 years old, he was approached by High Times to write concert and music reviews for the magazine. Eventually, Tyler switched over to writing pieces related more towards educating readers on cannabis culture, products and its medicinal uses. 

Tyler wanted to combat the unfortunate abundance of misinformation spread throughout mainstream culture regarding cannabis. Through his writings, he taught his readers how to most effectively use different cannabis products, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as cannabis alternatives to medical treatments or therapy. As a personal user of medical cannabis to treat anxiety, ADHD and other issues, Tyler wanted to use his experience to create a more personal and relatable relationship to his readers. His passion for medical cannabis brought him to pursue a career as a Wellness Advisor at Sunnyside*. 

Tyler says, “As a wellness advisor, we often act as a therapist for our patients to address mental symptoms. We are helping to heal people; this is modern medicine. Wellness Advisors work with patients to figure out the best treatment for their particular issue. People always have questions, and we are happy to help them better understand. This is a pharmacy; we work with the community. I have seen the results time and time again; we are truly healing people.” Thank you for supporting your community and being such an effective advocate, Tyler! Our union is a stronger place because of passionate members like you.