Matt Mancini Youtube Sensation

TrackManiaMatt A YouTube Personality

TrackManiaMatt A YouTube Personality Matt Mancini, 21, is a four-year Local 338 member working at ShopRite in Patchogue. When he’s not hard at work, he’s incredibly busy building a successful media empire on YouTube. On YouTube, Mr. Mancini or TrackManiaMatt, has 11,000 subscribers and 10 million total channel views. 

He is fiercely loyal and grateful for his viewers, leaning on their support to one day, in the near future, become a famous YouTube influencer for his comedic Thomas & Friends inspired videos. TrackManiaMatt Productions began creating videos in 2011, his first entitled “If you Give an Engine a Truck,” a parody of the famous children’s book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. He later began creating similar styled videos, dubbing his voice over “Thomas & Friends” videos, writing his own story lines and preforming with a team of friends and family members. Matt was inspired to create funny videos using “Thomas & Friends” because of his strong interests in trains and railroads. 

Matt is currently attending St. Joseph’s College studying Computer Information Technology. He has a passion for helping others however he can. Matt has always been adept at technology, having taken apart computers and rebuilding them for fun. Whenever his parents or friends need help with computer issues, they are quick to call Matt. He does his own video editing and production using complicated software, becoming a pro in no time at all, relying on his ability to learn difficult technological concepts quickly. 

Another passion Matt pursues is online gaming and his second YouTube project is a gaming channel called “NFS Maniac.” Matt’s favorite TrackManiaMatt YouTube video is “Home Alone Disasters” where he employs goofy, slack stick comedy to entertain his viewers. His dream is to one day create a movie based on his video series. Right now, he’s having a blast creating videos with his family and friends. He intends to continue entertaining his fans for years to come. We are looking forward to following your story, Matt!