Industries We Represent

Local 338 represents workers in number of different workforces and industries. Our members have a variety of different roles and responsibilities and as a result, bring their own unique set of skills to that job.
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Agriculture and Farmworkers

Local 338 represents agricultural workers at Pindar Vineyards in Peconic (Suffolk County) and Paumanok and Palmer Vineyards in Aquebogue (Suffolk County). They are some of the first farmworkers to organize and form a union under the 2019 Farm Laborers Fair Labor Practices Act, which gave agricultural workers in New York State the right to organize and granted them basic on-the-job protections for the first time in the State’s history. Our members working on farms are responsible for growing and cultivating the products and play a crucial part in our communities’ local supply chain.
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Local 338 members have a variety of roles in local grocery stores and supermarkets; from cashiers to bookkeeping and ensuring that inventory is maintained and stocked to helping customers in the produce department and at deli counters. They also are responsible for food processing, baking and making hot meals served fresh in many grocery stores. We proudly represent workers at such companies including, Gristedes, ShopRite, ACME, Morton Williams, Stop & Shop, DeCicco Markets and Key Food as well as smaller, specialty grocery stores like Zabar’s.
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Pharmacies & Drugstores

Working in drug stores like Duane Reade, neighborhood pharmacies, and in pharmacies located inside of supermarkets, Local 338 members work as cashiers, pharmacy techs and pharmacists. They ensure that the public has access to their medicine and other important goods that keep their families healthy.
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Healthcare & Human Services

Local 338 members work in several different capacities in the healthcare field. They are employed at assisted living facilities and senior residential homes, as well as at non-profit agencies that provide care and services for developmentally disabled New Yorkers. Members also work for non-profit organizations that deliver vital community services, including Meals on Wheels and in case management where they assist elderly and disabled members of local communities.
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Local 338 represents several hundred men and women working in New York’s cannabis industry in a variety of different capacities, including cultivation, manufacturing and process, distribution, and retail. Our members handle everything from the growing and harvesting of cannabis to the creation of the medical cannabis products to consulting directly with patients and caregivers.
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Local 338 members serve as bus drivers and monitors for school bus companies that work for school districts ensuring students are able to get to school safely and timely. Additionally, while not working directly for a bus company, many Local 338 members have the responsibility of driving consumers and patients at healthcare facilities between locations and to appointments, as well as transporting cannabis products between dispensaries and cultivation/processing centers.
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Other Industries

Other Industries Local 338 members hold a number of vital roles in other sectors and industries, including in the public sector as school monitors keeping children safe in their school’s cafeterias and schoolyards. They also work in building and maintenance, providing support and maintaining standards in residential buildings.