A Misunderstood Industry: Effy Nichols

The medical cannabis industry and its workers can be misunderstood. Individuals who utilize medicinal cannabis products use them to treat severe symptoms of incredibly uncomfortable medical conditions, such as cancer or multiple sclerosis. Local 338 Shop Steward, Effy Nichols, a keyholder and senior associate at Curaleaf in Hudson Valley, entered the medical cannabis industry in order to better the lives of patients under extreme distress.

Effy’s mother suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, a disease in which the immune system destroys the protective covering of nerves, causing symptoms like extreme pain, vision loss and fatigue. Her mother used medical cannabis to treat her most severe symptoms, such as her tremors and had incredible results. As a result, Effy took a strong interest in the medicinal properties of cannabis, often reading the latest studies on its newly discovered medical properties in helping address the symptoms of certain diseases and conditions.

Effy joined the Curaleaf team in December 2018 as a consultant and coordinator. In this role, she worked very closely with the Pharmacist and pharmacy team, learning more about how certain treatments and products worked in conjunction with others on different medical conditions.

Working at Curaleaf, Effy enjoys a close, personal relationship with patients often building strong connections during consultations regarding their cannabis treatments. Most of Effy’s patients are elderly, using medical cannabis in addition to their prescribed medication, and occasionally to minimize side effects. Effy has seen first-hand the miraculous outcomes of medical cannabis on patients with severe Parkinson’s disease, opioid addictions and debilitating anxiety. Effy says, “I’ve seen, personally and often, how cannabis can dramatically improve a patient’s symptoms. Many people are skeptical about the medical benefits of cannabis. But it’s real, I know it because I’ve seen it”.

Effy is passionate about furthering the discussion to legalize adult-use cannabis, an issue that is a top priority for Local 338. “We must first make sure everyone who have been wrongly incarcerated are freed and their criminal records wiped clean. Then, once cannabis is legalized statewide, we need to find a way to make it affordable for individuals who really need it.” She knows there are many people who are apprehensive to try medical cannabis. “We always make sure our patients are comfortable, we have different methods and treatments to make sure they are safe and healthy when using cannabis. We only want to make you feel better.” Thank you for your compassionate care, Effy!