Wally Waugh A Voice

Wally Waugh A Voice in His Union and His Community Walford “Wally” Waugh has been a Local 338 member for 35 years and has served on the Executive Board since 2016. Wally is a friendly, well-known face by members, known for his cheerful attitude and happy-go-lucky demeanor. Anyone who meets Wally is instantly drawn in by his magnetic personality. Wally was born in Jamaica and moved to the United States at the age of 3. Having lived in Brooklyn for fourteen years, Bronx for two, and finally settling down in Queens, Wally is a proud, lifelong New Yorker. 

Trained in classical music, Wally is an avid piano player, creating music with an eclectic taste. He combines music from different types of genres to create a new artistic masterpiece with inspiration from bands like Maroon 5 or Jim Brickman. Even though Wally has an incredible talent for the piano, he doesn’t play for the fame or fortune, simply his own pleasure. However, often times his church calls on him to play during services in which he enthusiastically agrees. He is also the Choir Director where he uses his passion of music to engage and inspire his congregation. Wally began his role in as a union activist after testifying on behalf of Local 338 during the A&P bankruptcy. He said he was inspired by the passion and dedication of President John Durso and the staff in advocating towards the health and safety of our members. Wally decided to join the Local 338 Executive Board after having been nominated by his friend and mentor, Teri Noble. He was hoping to affect greater change from within the union by inspiring other members to step up and get more involved. Wally uses his position on the Executive Board to relay important information while adding his own personal, cheerful touch. He works hard to find and develop emerging leaders among his coworkers and teaches them managerial qualities and the importance of member engagement. 

Wally enjoys being the “voice” of Local 338 leadership to his fellow members. When asked what he enjoys most about being a member of a union family, Wally has this to say: “Local 338 has allowed me to find the best part of my life, my wife Ilana. I met Ilana 32 years ago while working for Waldbaum’s, the benefits negotiated by 338 has allowed me to live a wonderful lifestyle while putting two kids through college. I’d hate to think where I’d be right now if I were at the mercy of a non-union shop.” Wally, we thank you for your service!