Kassan Seisay Local 338’s MVP

Kassan Seisay has been a Local 338 member for nearly four years, working at Vireo Health, New York’s medical cannabis dispensary in White Plains. His dedication and enthusiasm as a union member, Shop Steward, and now Local 338 Advisory Board Member have been enormously helpful in negotiating a strong union contract for his coworkers and also in our efforts to advocate for the legalization of adult-use cannabis.

Kassan was born in Sierra Leone and immigrated to the United States when he was four years old. He is an avid traveler with a thirst for adventure, visiting countries like England, Mexico, and most of West Africa. Kassan’s passionate interest in human behavior and helping others led him to earn his bachelor’s degree in Social Work. His major interests include soccer, listening and creating music and art, and most of all, astrology.

Throughout his life, Kassan has enjoyed exploring the human psyche. By using astrology as a means to break the ice with his patients, he builds a stronger, more personal connection through mutual understanding. While working at Vireo Health, Kassan has become more familiar with medical cannabis products and how they can be used to treat mental and physical ailments. As a Patient Care Coordinator, Kassan helps patients and caregivers navigate New York’s medical cannabis program and also often makes recommendations to doctors as to which product the patient should be prescribed in order to effectively treat their symptoms. Kassan works hand-in-hand with the dispensary’s pharmacist to monitor a patient’s progress in order to study which products work best for certain conditions.

Before joining Vireo Health, Kassan had never been a member of a union. Saul Guerrero, his Union Representative, introduced himself and explained the benefits and rights members of Local 338 receive when they join. Kassan was inspired by the attention, consideration, and passion he felt through his conversations with Saul about Local 338. He decided to get more involved and join the fight to expand medical cannabis and legalize recreational cannabis in New York State. Over the last four years, Kassan became a Shop Steward at his workplace and has taken an active role in representing his coworkers during contract negotiations with his company. He has become a Local 338 member-spokesperson, attending lobby days at our State Capitol and speaking at press conferences in support of expanding New York’s medical cannabis program and to explain the overwhelming economic, health, and social benefits of legalizing adult-use cannabis.

Local 338 is extremely grateful to have Kassan in our family. His commitment and sincerity to his patients, love and respect to his fellow union brothers and sisters, and his motivation to pursue a healthier and wealthier New York State for his neighbors inspires all of our members. Thank you, Kassan, for all that you do to support your fellow members not just at Vireo Health, but across Local 338!