Joseph Quercia Our Executive Board Quarterback

Joseph Quercia, or Joey Q. as everyone knows him, has been a loyal and active member of Local 338 for the past 34 years! Joey serves his members as a hard-working Shop Steward and committed Executive Board Member.

Joey began his career at Waldbaum’s in Bensonhurst, later joining the Staten Island Stop & Shop team in 1998. He has been an important and knowledgeable advocate in the shop, always ready to be a ferocious supporter for his fellow union brothers and sisters. Joey began serving on the Executive Board 20 years ago after having a passionate conversation with Local 338 President John R. Durso regarding the future of our members during the A&P crisis. Joey felt it was important to be a strong and compassionate voice for his fellow members during this difficult time. While serving on the Board, Joey pushes our members to get more involved in our union activities and rallies. He is a strong follower of the “strength through numbers” philosophy.

Joey spends his free time coaching the Staten Island Boys Football League where he provides his players discipline, structure and “tough love” in order to foster better students and future community leaders. He has been coaching young men, aged 7 to 14 years old, for the past 13 years. Joey uses his experience as a former football player to teach his players the ins-and-outs of the game. He says success on the field is just as important as success off the field. He mentors these young men to achieve their dreams and become the best version of themselves.

As an Executive Board Member, Joey has spoken with hundreds of members regarding how they can get more involved and support their union. “One major way our members can help strengthen Local 338 is by registering to vote and joining our PAC (Political Action Committee). The more political leverage we have, the stronger we become.” He also says members should attend their local area meetings in order to stay informed and up to date on important events and information. Joey worked with his union representative, Maria Paul, to organize the membership meetings on Staten Island to help make sure his fellow members are able to connect with their union.

Be sure to say hello to Joey the next time you see him at a member meeting or in Stop & Shop! He loves meeting and speaking with his fellow members. We are very lucky to have Joey. on our Executive Board!