Brandon Roach The Honorable Eagle Scout

Brandon Roach The Honorable Eagle Scout Local 338 member Brandon Roach, who works at Stop & Shop in Shirley, has been a proud union member for two years now. Even though he may be relatively new to Local 338, he is no stranger to the concepts of solidarity and unity. At 7 years old, Brandon took an interest in earning his stripes to become an Eagle Scout, first joining as a Cub Scout and moving on to become a Boy Scout. Becoming an Eagle Scout is no easy task, taking years of dedication, persistence, volunteering and skill-building to accomplish. In order to become one, a Scout must first be a “Life Scout” for at least six months, earned a minimum of 21 merit badges, demonstrate “Scout Spirit” and leadership within their troop. 

An Eagle Scout applicant must also create and complete a large-scale community project, write several essays, request five recommendation letters, compile an application binder and complete an Eagle board of review before their application is approved at the national level. The entire process can take up to seven years, from beginning to end, with no guarantee of success. Your commitment and grit will determine your reward and as Eagle Scouts often say, it’s about the journey, not the destination. Brandon stayed focused and committed to completing the formidable undertaking of becoming an Eagle Scout. For his community service project, Brandon decided to give back to the Center Moriches High School, specifically the Special Education students. Brandon teamed up with Special Education teacher, Ms. Sigerson, to build customized seating and storage units for the students. The seats and storage units were constructed to match the aesthetic of the room in order to make a more welcoming, comfortable and beautiful setting for students to learn. Brandon was overjoyed to give back to the community, realizing the journey to his ultimate goal will be paved with fond memories and smiling faces. 

Once Brandon completed his project and submitted all the required materials to the review board, he was ceremoniously granted the honorable title of Eagle Scout. The title was presented to him by the Suffolk County Legislature and the Suffolk County Police Commissioner at a formal ceremony. Brandon says as an Eagle Scout, he plans to continue trying to touch people’s lives in positive ways and working with children in need. In the future, Brandon wants to become a federal agent or investigator and go after high-risk cases. Congratulations on your success and best of luck to you Brandon!